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Depending on the case or matter, Start Art Legal offers flat rates and hourly rates. Prices are always presented up front before any work gets done. For hourly tasks, Start Art Legal estimates a maximum number of hours a task will take in order to let you know what range of fees to expect before any work on that task is begun. Start Art Legal keeps detailed logs of the work done so that, upon request, you can see exactly what services were performed. 

For matters requiring an hourly rate, clients wishing to receive discounted or pro-bono legal help may contact California Lawyers for the Arts at (888) 775-8995 or and request attorney Jacob Janzen. California Lawyers for the Arts will perform a financial screening to determine eligibility for reduced or free legal aid.

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Use the form below to detail your legal needs and to schedule an appointment. Please include what industry or artistic practice you need service for along with any specific document requests.

You may also directly contact Jake or Matt to make an appointment. Jake can be reached via email at or call (415) 722-2705. Matt can be reached at or call (510) 384-4778. Please allow one day for a response.

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Please do not include confidential or sensitive information in your message. In the event that Start Art Legal represents a party with interests opposing your own, we may have a duty to disclose any information you provide to our client.


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