Start Art Legal


Creative Professionals deserve affordable and approachable expert legal representation that can be customized to their individual needs. 

The Problem

The business management aspect of a career in the Arts has become increasingly important and necessary as the avenues from which the Arts generate revenue continue to shift (contracting in one arena only to expand in another). And yet, the schools that prepare Creative Professionals do not teach business or legal skills. Art schools, the reasoning goes, should be places in which creativity and artistic critique can flourish without the contamination of monetary necessities and concerns. And while this noble notion remains appealing, its reality leaves many Creative Professionals open to being taken advantage of, and even to placing themselves into potentially damaging legal and business positions.

The Mission

With the variety and accessibility of its services, Start Art Legal’s mission is to empower Creative Professionals to be informed, knowledgeable, and well represented as they enter into Art Market Transactions with business and legal professionals throughout their creative careers. Start Art Legal provides its clients with the level of legal and business aid that best suits their individual situation and budget. By providing a range of services that vary both in price and depth of aid, Start Art Legal is a resource for Creative Professionals that can be merely simple and informative, or the zealous advocacy that their situation may require. Start Art Legal strives not only to be a “one-stop” shop for creative professionals’ business and legal needs, but to also be their trusted first and only stop.

The Vision

Creative Professionals should have a resource to which they can turn to address any type of business or legal need they may have, without the expense, time consumption, or stigma of traditional business and legal resources. Start Art Legal is about being an affordable, responsive, approachable, and trusted legal resource for creative professionals at all stages of their careers. By bridging the divide between traditional law practices and wholly virtual law practices, Start Art Legal gives Creative Professionals a nimble and trustworthy legal resource at an affordable price.